Should Preschools Be Mandatory? Pros & Cons of Preschool education

Preschool is one of the many options you can consider when raising your child. It is a training ground for important skills that they are recommended to learn at this age.

Now, the issue is whether to move preschool from being an option to being mandatory. There are various pros and cons to look at when deciding the matter.

Pros of Preschool Education

A learning environment

Preschool provides a suitable environment for the kids to learn. It has all the necessary staff, equipment and learning materials needed to accomplish the goals the preschool strives to achieve.

Preschool also offers structure. By being consistent with their teaching, skills are easier to integrate, and there is less room for straying off from what the kids need to learn.

A whole new world to dabble into

It is a world away from home–it gives the children the opportunities to know more of the world around them. It helps them gain new insights and experiences.

Your child can also meet other children in his or her age range. It paves the way to learn all about interacting with others, and maybe even create friendships.

Stability, safety and regulation

Preschool gives a focus in hiring competent educators, and the curriculum is scrutinized and revised to be comprehensive and adaptive to the child’s needs.

They are also licensed and regulated by the government to ensure that the qualities offered are implemented at their fullest.

The safety of children is also highly prioritized. Children are always supervised and equipment is maintained regularly to prevent injury and spreading of sickness.

Cons of Preschool Education

Lack of individualization

Being curriculum-based, it can be hard to adjust for certain needs. Less attention is given for your child as the instructors have other kids to deal with as well.

Each child has their own learning style, and the instructor might not cope with all these demands. Lack of attention also meant the child may feel isolated and lonely.

A whole new world away from home

While a new environment brings more opportunities, it also means being away from home. Your child may have a hard time getting used to not seeing you by their side.

In addition, the rigid schedule preschool offers is unfamiliar to the free life they once had. It can take some time before they can get accommodated to this change.

Separation anxiety may make it difficult for both you and the child. It might be better teaching them yourself or hiring a tutor in this scenario.

High cost and effort

Preschool is not cheap–aside from tuition costs, there are also transportation costs shuttling your child to and from the preschool center, which may be difficult for families who struggle financially.

The preschool’s curriculum may also require extra effort from the parents. Most preschools do not feed their students, so that means making meals for your child as well.

The pros and cons make it clear that preschool may not be for everyone. It would be better off as a choice for parents to dwell on their own.

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