How To Become A Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers help preschoolers to become well-rounded individuals. They also serve as second parents at school. Becoming a preschool teacher can be rewarding and satisfying at the same time. There are steps and requirements to become one.

Career Requirements to Become a Preschool Teacher

Qualified preschool teachers must not only have good communication skills to the kids. They must meet certain requirements in able to practice their profession.

Degree level and Degree Field – One must have a diploma, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree depending on the applied position. The field should include early childhood education and the likes.

Pass Licensure Exam or Certification – This must be recognized at the national level. This is an edge when applying for other teaching jobs as well.

Experience and Skills – Hands on experience is an advantage. Personality, flexibility, management and instructional skills must be considered.

The above stated are general requirements. This may differ in public school and private school organizations.

You can later on advance your studies to a higher level and could help you land a higher position in the school. You can become a lead teacher or even a school director.

Steps to Become a Qualified Preschool Teacher

You must have patience and intrapersonal skills. Time management expertise and passion for teaching the kids is also a plus. These are good qualities to start with.

To become a certified and professional preschool teacher these steps must be followed and considered.

Earning a bachelor’s degree – Your field must be related to childhood education or child care programs. These courses include subjects on childhood development and teaching strategies for young kids.

Pass licensure exams and certification test – You must be a licensed and become a certified preschool teacher. This will make you competitive and later on explore your career growth. You can also use this in applying for other related jobs.

Complete internship programs – Nothing beats experience. Internship is the best way to learn and practice your knowledge as a teacher. Most schools require internship before they hire you. This will make you ready for your future job.

Start applying for available jobs – Prepare your resume and other requirements. Be ready to find a job as a preschool teacher. This is now your time to practice what you have learned in years. You can now practice your passion. Find the right school for you – right benefits and career growth in the future.

Where can you apply for teaching work?

Private Preschools – These schools charge higher tuition fees. They have different teaching methods and standards compared to public schools. Usually owned by private organizations.

Public Preschools – Most public preschools have reduced fees, and some are even free of charge. These are governed by the state or the school district.

Child Centers – One example is the Head Start Program which provides health, education and social services for preschoolers. Home day care and family day care also belong to this category.

Salaries differ from state to state. The average salary of preschool teachers ranges from $27,000 – $37,000 per annum.

Becoming a preschool teacher is a noble profession. Dealing with little kids can be a bit challenging at first. Seeing them having fun and learning is fulfilling.

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