How To Talk To A 3 Year Old. What Topics To Discuss?

Most three-year-olds are a mix of curious and playful individuals. It is important that we choose the right words to say and choose topics that are relatable to them.

Language Milestone for 3 year olds

Three-year-olds usually ask how and why questions. They are able to use three to five words in a sentence. Following simple directions is also a trait of a three-year-old.

They can say their name, age and other basic information about them. They can name their favorite toys or say a name of a friend or a classmate.

Tips on Talking to 3 year olds

Connect to them and get their attention – Look at them in the eye and tell them to listen to what you have to say. Say their names when telling them something important.

Stay brief and simple – Three-year-olds’ focus are short lived. Choose simple words and make them concise as much as possible.

Be positive – Use encouraging words and try to give them a positive vibe. You’ll get their attention this way. You can tell them stories with good moral lessons.

Listen to them – You need to listen and make sure you also pay attention to them. They have the tendency to repeat words again and again.

Common Communication Problems

Speech and Language Delay – Sometimes it is caused by oral and verbal delay. This kind of delay makes their tongue, jaw and lips unable to coordinate to produce sounds. Hearing problems can also be the reason for this.

Topics to Discuss

Parents should be able to explore their kids’ imagination. These topics can help you dig into their inner thoughts:

Cartoon Characters – You can ask them who their favorite cartoon character in a movie. Or if they would become a superhero what would be their superpowers.

Places they want to visit – Talk to them about the places they find beautiful. It could be a park or a mall. They might even want to watch a pet show, or want to visit a cousin.

Family members – Discuss with them your family. What’s your work, or about their older siblings and what the family loves to do.

Random things that would open their imagination – Ask them if they believe in Santa Claus or what they want to become when they grow up. These questions will further open their minds to other random topics.

How to Get Your Child to Listen

Dr. Dehra Harris discussed in the video that there are two categories to consider when dealing with kids. You have to separate your child’s behaviors into two categories.

Star Behaviors – These are the behaviors you want your child to be doing. An example is when you want your kids to go in the car right away when you tell them to do so. One way to deal with this is to give rewards to motivate the kids to do what you expect them to do.

Stop Behaviors – These are the behaviors you wish your kids stop doing. Repetitive whining is an example of this behavior. Dr. Harris suggests methods in dealing with these situations in the video. Three-year-olds need proper guidance from the teachers and the parents. It is important that right communication is learned at an early age. This helps them deal with other kids as well.

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