What Will Your Child Learn in Preschool?

The first few years of school is the most exciting time for young kids and their parents, this holds especially true when the child is going to preschool. Not all parents enroll their young kids in preschool; opting instead to wait until their child is old enough for mandatory kindergarten classes. This is actually a shame because kids actually learn quite a lot during the time they spent in preschool.

To give you an idea on what you will be missing out on when you choose not to enroll your young child in preschool, here are some of the things that are usually taught there:

Kids will learn to recognize letters and their sounds

Preschoolers are taught (through play) to recognize all the uppercase letters of the English alphabet (lowercase letters are a bit too hard to learn at this point). They will learn how to recognize and read their own names. They will also learn how to print their own names, and some other meaningful words like, Mama, Papa, Me, Love, and others. Preschool is also the time when kids will start learning the connection between the letters and the sounds they make.

Shapes, colors, and parts of the body

Preschool children will start learning the names of the basic shapes and what they look like. The kids will also learn about the different primary colors. This is also the time when they will learn the names of their body parts (like the shoulders, arms, elbows, knees, etc.).

Numbers and counting

Preschool children will memorize the numerals from 0 to 9, and they will also learn how to “count”. Count is in quotations because they are not really counting, they are just assigning the number to a specific object. Later, when they are kindergartners, they will learn that the numbers actually correspond to a certain amount of objects, not just one in particular.

Learn how to cut using scissors and draw actual shapes

Preschoolers are taught how to safely use scissors (they use safety scissors of course) so they can further develop their hand-eye coordination. They are also taught how to draw shapes using pencils or crayons. Usually they are told to draw a shape on the paper and then try their best to cut it out.

Socializing and sharing

Although it is very much preferred that your child already know how to play with other kids, this lesson is further reinforced in preschool. Kids learn how to socialize by having them grouped during class so they can work on a single project. They are also encouraged to play with each other so that they can be great friends.

Kids will also learn how to speak up when they need help. They will learn that it is okay to ask the teacher for help when they do not understand something. They will learn that they will not get into trouble just because they need a bit of assistance.

Your young child will certainly be missing out on a lot when you do not enroll him in preschool. Give your kid a headstart on learning, have him attend preschool.

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