What Activities Are Performed In A Preschool?

Preschoolers need to have fun, engaging and creative activities. They can play and learn at the same time with proper activities introduced to them. Preschool activities are also divided according to their age category.

Importance of Fun and Creative Activities

Preschools like to be spontaneous and creative with their activities. This is the time where their imagination is at work. They can learn from visual arts, drama, music and dance.

These fun activities develop their thinking skills. It also improve their body coordination. Their communication skills also enhances.

It helps them express creativity and solve simple problems. Preschoolers love to express themselves and always curious about things.

Preschooler Activities

Three-year-olds can already walk on tip toes and can stand alone using one foot. They have short lived emotions and starts learning how to share things. Indoor and outdoor activities are fun for them.

Four and five-year-olds have minimal body muscle control. They can already skip, ride, swing, and cut using scissors. This is the age where they ask the “how” and “why” questions. They now developed their reasoning and classification skills.

Here are some of the creative and fun activities for preschoolers to enjoy.

Coloring Books – Let them use crayons and guide their hands once in a while. Have them finish the coloring book all by themselves.

Puzzles – Challenge them with a 24- 48 piece puzzles. Group the same colors together until they get to see the whole picture. This will enhance their thinking skill and find solutions to simple task.
Playground Activities – You can let them play ball games, or fly a kite in the park. This will encourage them to play with other kids and enjoy running around.

Storytelling and Book Exploration – This activity teaches preschoolers to learn how to listen. Let them scan through the pages of the story books. This helps explore their imagination.

Basic Academic Skills – Start with the basic alphabets and numbers. Visual aids are needed in teaching preschoolers. This enable them to associate word with the picture.

Other vital activities for the preschoolers include drawing and painting. Singing, dancing and doing drama at school are important as well. Preschoolers are able to enjoy and have fun doing these activities.

DIY Creative Toys and Activities for Preschoolers

The video shows enjoyable ways on how to keep the preschoolers learn at school. Find out how these fun learning activities are made in this video.

Cube puzzle for kids – Another fun way of boosting child development and performance. This is a non-standard way of finding solutions to simple problems.

DIY colored sand – Adding food color to the sand enhances their visual imagination. It is an entertaining activity for the kids.

Creative books – This activity allows the preschoolers to explore their imagination. This also develops their love for books.

DIY busy board – Preschoolers can twist, turn, spin and touch and have fun at the same time.

These activities will be their preparation when they enter primary school. The best activities for preschoolers are supervised by the teachers at school. Of course, with the parents guidance at home.

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