Importance Of Multicultural Curriculum At Preschools 

The best way to start with a multicultural curriculum is during the early stages of a preschooler’s life. This develops their awareness, responsiveness, and understanding on how the society works.

What is Multicultural Curriculum?

This is a curriculum included in preschool education. It gives the same importance to the contributions of any ethnicity in the society. These include:

  • History
  • Culture and Arts
  • Tradition
  • Language diversity

This enhances the knowledge of young kids to better understand the world they live in. How the society works even after differences the world can still unite.

There are differences and similarities between culture, beliefs and traditions. These characteristics paved way to the unity of the nation. It could be in a form of advocacies, principles or could be a cause with one common goal in the end.

Importance of Multicultural Curriculum to Preschoolers

Preschoolers must have a basic knowledge of multicultural awareness at an early age.
The United Nations celebration is included in the curriculum. This is a simple way of letting them experience how the world unites as one. A fun activity for the kids and help them develop friendship among other kids.

Teach them how to explore other music and tradition. Let them know what other nations eat and wear. This will open their eyes to the realities of the world.

Preschoolers only have little knowledge on these things. Preschool teachers must teach and explain it to them visually and as simple as possible.

They learn how to respect other kids as well. Incorporate simple lessons through fun yet learning activities. This is essential while they are still young.

Teachers need to have communication with the parents. Parents should be aware of the topics discussed in school. Both parties should have a common understanding of multicultural education.

The Role of a Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers will mold the kids at school. The class should be encouraging and respectful towards ethnicity and cultural diversity. Similarities and commonalities with other groups are discussed in the classroom.

The teachers help the preschoolers accept and see differences in a better perspective. It is the teacher’s role to guide and teach only the best for the child’s well-being.

The Role of the School

The school should have available materials for the teachers that could support teaching. These include poetry books for the kids and history books. These should be accessed through their libraries and learning centers.

Exchange programs of the school are also a great learning experience for the kids. Site visit and field trip programs to reach out to other communities and groups. These are play a vital part of the curriculum.

The school will always have a significant role in the progress of the curriculum in classes. It should support activities for the advancement of the kids’ individuality.

It should also continue to study and revisit the curriculum. To make sure it would fit the current world situation.

Multicultural education is important in preschool. It is one of the factors for the holistic growth of a preschooler. These learnings could be their key to becoming a respectful and well-rounded individual.

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